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Contact, Contactless and Dual Interface Banking / Payment Cards
MC, Visa approved native and Java banking and payment cards with optional EEPROM capacity and loyalty OS. (innovative cards…)
Loyalty and Transportation Cards
Contact and contactless retail, hotel, travel, oil station loyalty solution and multi application municipality cards.
E-government and Id Cards
Smart card solutions with security printing, secure objects such as holograms, MLI-CLI features.
Security Solutions (PKI cards, readers, tokens)
Secure payment infrastructure for E-government, B to B and internet payments.
Payphone and Metering Cards
Memory cards for public payphones and electric, gas, water meters.
SIM Cards
Complete range of mobile products and SIM card solutions.

Security Printing
Guilloches, rainbow, micro printing, raster, relief, UV-OVI ink, MLI-CLI applications…
Card personalization services together with mailing and fulfillment.
Card Processing
Complete card life cycle management and processing services.
Secure server hosting services.
Card based projects management, printing design consultancy and card technology training services.