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What We Do

We are essentially a card manufacturing company, but we also offer the related value added services. We do printing, chip embedding, personalization, packaging and delivering cards. We produce cards with many different materials and apply all kinds of security features. We also offer a wide range of smart card solutions including processing and storing of data and managing the whole card life cycle with the highest level of security understanding.

How We Do

Our plant in Istanbul has 9.000m² space and is among the most distinguished production facilities in the world. The state-of-the-art machinery and equipment together with the security systems makes it possible for us to offer the highest quality products at the most competitive prices to our customers.


Our Company, having been founded to produce and deliver smart cards and card related components to its local market, has determined its mission as;

We will follow requirements of our business domain closely, invest on latest technologies, bring innovations to the market, lead the development of card usage in our daily life and to do so, accumulate of expertise and knowledge in the Company.


Our company will always focus on providing customer-oriented solutions by building reliable and strong business partnerships, investing on its people and continuous improvement of business models. Maximum satisfaction of our stakeholders, investors, customers, staff and the society we are living in will be the focus point.


Company Values

Plastkart will Be The Model Company In Its Industry. A Company That Acts In Line With Laws, Standarts And Customer Expectations.

There can be no operation in conflict with Turkish Republic's laws and regulations in any way whatsoever in the sectors we serve. Our priority ranking is laws, standards and customer expectations and company policies and targets.


A Company Whose Staff Are Model Individuals And Which Emphasizes Training Of Its Staff.

The main criterion for selection of staff is reliability.Company staff should be encouraged to be business-oriented, consistent, participatory and attentive to detail in their work. The whole staff should not forget that in in-house meetings, in correspondence with third parties as well as in his/her life outside the company, he/she is representing the Company. Plastkart staff is a model, reliable, consistent individual in line with social customs and rules.


A Company Which Is Customer-Focused.

Our aim is to expand smart card applications in our sector through joint work with our customers and business partners. The minimum acceptable level in a product or service being presented to a customer is the quality standards that have been determined worldwide. Our ultimate quality target is to fully meet customer expectations provided that this minimum level is achieved. Under conditions of competition, policies in conflict with business ethics cannot be adopted against our competitors.


A Company Which Is Sensetive Towards Society.

We must aim to help our society as much as we can, to create the highest level of employment possible, to support education, to avoid creating wastes harmful to the society. At every milestone of success passed, the opportunities that the society has afforded us cannot be ignored.


A Company Which Always Defends The Rights Of Its Shareholders.

The main target is the company and the return to the shareholders. Departmental and individual interests follow company interests. In-house success is a value of the company. They cannot be taken out of the company in an unlawful and unjust way. The furniture and hardware of the company should be used correctly, efficiently and appropriately. Staff should be motivated for maximum savings. Wastefulness should be prevented.